niedziela, 2 września 2012

The White Wolf Returns

It's an excerpt from soundtrack I've made for a machinima created by my friend. The original score is longer, but I decided to cut the best part out of it for my portfolio. That machinima was a perfect occasion to make 'The Witcher tribute track' that I've been thinking about for a while. It came out as... sort of The Witcher's main theme cover.

And apparently it's not the last Witcher-related thing to come from me...

niedziela, 6 maja 2012

I Have Forseen - progressive metal track

It's high time for something new.

I Have Forseen by Srogyy

This is an experimental track made out of some ideas I came up with during the writing of my metal project's debut LP (to be announced soon).

I'm quite happy with the outcome, althought it may sound a bit messy. That's because the arrangement was almost improvised and multiple guitar tracks were recorded with different settings. Some of them were badly mixed afterwards.... Shouldn't have done the mix with headphones only... After all it's actually my first completed metal recording. Mind the fact :)

I hope you like it anyway. An EP with this kind of music is very likely to come, because I have many ideas which do not fit the LP mentioned above.

piątek, 30 grudnia 2011

New track: Rise of the Morning Star

This is a very powerful arrangement of a theme for a project yet to be announced. The game itself doesn't require big sound like that, so I present it as a standalone track for my portfolio. I hope you like it!

Rise of the Morning Star by Srogyy

czwartek, 29 grudnia 2011

A track from Terminus available

Here is an update for Terminus. The following track will serve as steam airship theme.

Steam Airship In Wasteland by Srogyy

In my vision, that grotesque vibe corresponds well with the graphic style. I also wanted to get that 'rusty' sound which would illustrate how the game's world is dominated with machinery. In order to reach that result I used several effects like flanger and guitar distortion on triple-layered piano (each with another effect) and added a synthesizer overdubbing the lead melody. Robotic percussions in the background strengthen the outcome for sure. On the other side, the frivolous character of the melodies fits the feeling of a bit of freedom within the realm consumed by The System...

I hope you like it... :)

Visit these sites for more information about Terminus:

The Crossroads is finally released!

  Recently we have released our awaited 'opus magnum'... At last!

The Crossroads - an adventure for The Witcher, created by Ifrit team. Well, that's a really meaningful project. It possibly grew into 'legend status' for some. Maybe that's because it has been in development for more than 3 years! Thanks to the time we spent on it, now it has been delivered in its unquestionable high quality.

I was responsible for the music (along with Jakub Małek and Adrian Małek from Studio Analog). I've got to say: It's been hell of a challenge... I was determined to do my best and give something which would deserve to be part of The Witcher universe. After all it's my favorite game which pushed me into creating music.

The curious thing is that the soundtrack has been ready in it's entirety more than a year ago. But after I managed to get extremely valuable lessons from my idol Adam Skorupa (the co-author of  The Witcher original soundtrack), I felt simply enlightened and decided to delete my old music to begin once again. And it seems  it was worth it! I'm really, really happy since the music is gaining highly positive feedback at Players point ear-catching music as one of the adventure's strongest points and claim that it completes the vibe of The Crossroads in a perfect way. The goals seem to be reached... Thank you, people, for your appreciation! :)

Check out the projects site for more information and download soundtrack in hight quality MP3 files at ModDB.You can also listen to my part of the soundtrack at SoundCloud and YouTube mirrors or right below.

The Crossroads by Srogyy

'How about a warm cup of drone?'

Now it's time for some dark ambient!

1/3 Życia
(Eng. 'The One-Third of Life')

Some time ago I took part in this very interesting graphic project by Paweł Bieniasz. I was requested to make some experimental ambience.  The idea was to present dream in an untypical way of something stripped of mysticism. To be absolutely honest, this one I made in a really mad rush, because I was very busy at the time... Due to this fact I was worried about how the track would come out like, but surprisingly, people like it very much. I feel relieved...

Visit Paweł's blog for information (in Polish only) about The One-Third of Life and other amazing stuff. And here is the track itself:

The One-Third of Life by Srogyy

And here is one more track. Parasomnia. An ambient for a canceled game of the same title. This one also covers the theme of dreams. Or should I say 'dream problems'.

Parasomnia by Srogyy

The Bizarre Tower


Here is something to start the blog with.

The Bizarre Tower

This one I've made months ago in order to have some kind of showcase of my abilities of the time. My both composing and production skills seem to be better now, but I think it's still a quite decent piece of music. You can listen to it at SoundCloud and YouTube as well.

The Bizarre Tower is a concept album with illustrative music (or at least I describe it this way...). I didn't mean to tell a strict tale, but more to keep a framework for the whole. Listeners' imagination does the rest. The music is your guide on the journey through the title tower. Who knows where it's going to take you?  :)

The Bizarre Tower by Srogyy